1.     Before you can refer a business, you must first sign up to become a Rainmaker.

2.     The Rainmaker must speak with the business contact before submitting the form and obtain permission for the Speak Easy Sound Company to contact them. ANY REFERRALS THAT DO NOT ADHERE, MAY NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A COMMISION. ANY RAINMAKER THAT DOES NOT ADHERE MAY BE SUBJECT TO REMOVAL FROM THE REFERRAL PROGRAM.

3.     To be eligible for a Commission, the business connection must purchase services within 60 days of initial contact from the Speak Easy Sound Company.

4.     A Commission will be paid to the Rainmaker for 3 years, beginning with the date of the 1st sale.

5.     A Commission is paid at 10% of Sales from the referred business connection. This will be paid monthly to the Rainmaker.

6.     If you talk to a business about the Speak Easy Sound Company and the business does not want for the Speak Easy Sound Company to contact them, please still fill out the referral form. If the business purchases services from us within 30 days, you will be entitled to 10% of their initial sale.

Rainmaker Program. How to make residual income in the voice over industry
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Terms and conditions

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Rainmaker Program

A Residual Income Program that involves you referring business to the Speak Easy Sound Company. You could receive 10% of ALL sales from a referred business connection for 3 years.*

*Please see Terms and Conditions below