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The Donald POV
The Donald POV Podcast. Podcast Heaven wrapped in Bacon.

The Donald POV Podcast. Educate.Inform.Entertain.

This podcast is not like your typical podcast. The Donald POV podcast at its core is about walking with me on my journey through self improvement. Most of the topics discussed will be about financial education.Essentially giving you tips on how to take control of your finances. But there will also be topics about attitudes, mindsets, and life coaching. I'll also cover history and current trends. My goal is to help you discover the greatness you have within you. I'm Donald Fittsgill Jr. and this is The Donald POV. See you inside...

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About Me

I am the voice for your company. As a professional voice actor, I can offer you the best experience for your dollar. Voice acting is an art that can take years to master if you want to be the best. I have professional experience in sound design, demo creation, voice acting, and audio consulting. In my opinion, THIS is the BEST voice over you will ever find. This is the Speak Easy Sound Company, voice at the speed of sound.